How can I join the challenge?

In order to join the Paris Region AI 2018 Challenge, your startup needs to meet the various eligibility criteria. If this is the case, all you need to do is create your account and fill in the application form. You will be able to save your application as a draft and change its content until June 17th, 2018, 11.59pm CET.

Can I submit my idea in my own language?

For efficiency reasons, we can only process submissions written in English or in French.

Which criteria should my startup meet to be eligible for the prize?

To take part in the challenge, you must meet the eligibility requirements which can be found in the official rules. They include:

• Company creation less than 5 years ago
• Permanent establishment in the Paris Region or commitment to set up one in the next 6 months
• Amount of funds raised less than €500,000

What’s in it for me?

Please refer to the prizes section on the homepage.

Can my company win several prizes?


What is the selection process?

Submit your application form before June 17th 2018 at 11.59pm CET on the platform. The jury will then shortlist 10 candidates for the next phase of the challenge.
Between July and September 2018, the 10 preselected startups will benefit from a mentorship program which comprises:

• 1 pitching session
• 2-month training on improvement areas identified in the pitch and the application form
• 1 month of deep-dive into specific topics chosen by you

In October 2018, the 10 preselected start-ups will participate to a final pitch session. The 3 winners of the challenge will be announced during a closing ceremony.
Please refer to the selection process section in the official rules for more details.

How are the applications judged?

The jury will judge the startups based on following criteria:

• Project maturity
• Innovative, disruptive and differentiating potential of the solution
• Social impact / Progress for the community offered by the solution
• Relevance and robustness of the business model
• Assessment of founding team (vision, complementarity, ability to deliver, skills, references…)

What kind of solution qualifies as using Artificial Intelligence?

Startups must offer a product, service or platform based on Artificial Intelligence techniques as defined by academic research. The model on which this solution is based must have been developed by the company, and/or be trained with data gathered/generated by the company or a third party on which you have a license, and/or make use of pre-trained Artificial Intelligence APIs on which you have a license.

Who will be the judges?

The jury is a combination of academic AI experts, specialists of the different jobs represented by the sponsors and members of the investors and the organizers. For more details on their profile, please refer to the jury section on the homepage.

Can I stop participating at any moment?

Yes! You can remove your application to the challenge at any moment, without any justification.

What will the mentorship program comprise?

Please refer to the mentorship program section in the official rules for more details.

Who are the mentors?

Each start-up will be mentored by a pair of two experts during the 3-month mentorship program. The mentors will be members of the jury or of the sponsors with an advanced expertise in their research or business area (e.g. investment, legal, consulting, AI, industry…).

How can I be sure that you will not use my idea without me?

As your intellectual property is the DNA of your business, we want to ensure you that, while following the mentoring program and afterwards, you will remain the owner of your creations. We therefore undertake to destroy any application which will not be retained as well as any attachment. Please refer to the confidentiality section of our official rules for more details.

Does submitting my application automatically enter my company for the prizes?

Yes. Please refer to the selection process section.

What other type of funding can my company receive from the Paris Region?

For international startups, please refer to your potential eligibility for the Paris Region Starter Pack on . This is a 250K€ financial aid for startups having a 3 years development project in the Paris Region.

Will someone finance my expenditures incurred during the selection process?

No, all expenses incurred during the selection process (transport, accommodation) will be at your charge. For international companies, please contact “Paris Region Entreprises”, the Paris region promotion agency, for further details on